Microgaming’s European Roulette Gold Series

European Roulette is only one type of this timeless game that’s been around for hundreds of years. American Roulette is an additional form of roulette and the main difference between the two would be that the Roulette Table and Roulette Wheel in American Roulette feature both one zero and also a double zero, whereas European Roulette is only played with a single zero spot.

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European Roulette could be the very popular version of the game as the odds are in the favour of the player, with a slightly higher possibility of landing at a black or red number, although it is rather small. The game is enjoyed on a Roulette Table that has a huge spinning Roulette Wheel that ultimately holds the luck in the game. As always, Microgaming put their very own spin on things and developed a different version of the game, called the European Roulette Gold Series.

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The Microgaming Gold Series has many additional features and options which other Roulette Games don’t have such as additional exotic bets that are completely new to the game. People may also adjust the rate of the game and decide to play online gambling Singapore using Auto Play Mode if they are playing Expert Mode.

The quality of the audio and graphics is just sublime which is Online Roulette as authentic as it will get. Other sorts of great features offered by the European Roulette Gold Series is the fact that player is able to keep note of the outcome of every last spin with the quantity of times each and every number showed up featuring on screen. The Red Numbers are on the left of the screen and the Black Numbers on the right side.

This is specially handy should you be playing according to a strategy that can take into consideration the outcomes of previous rounds. Another feature is the Re-Bet Feature that enables you to simply leave your chips on the table and bet 711 Kelab on them again.

Presently there is also the Neighbour Bet function which is the Straight Up number you choose, along with the two numbers that borders your selection with the wheel and not on the layout. European Roulette Gold certainly offers some interesting twists and turns on the typical game of Roulette and this was a superb reinvention on Microgaming’s part. We are pleased to present our readers with High Rated Online Casinos providing the European Roulette.